iOS 7 includes a new feature that displays the locations you frequently visit. It works by monitoring your location on a day-to-day basis, then saving the most frequent locations within the Settings app. By default these locations are sent by Apple and used to improve its mapping service. Frequent Location data is also used by Notification Center to suggest travel times. However, if you’re concerned about this data being tracked security or personal purposes then it’s possible to turn off this feature.

Read on to find out how to access frequent locations, see them on a map and disable this feature.


1. Settings app

Start by opening the Settings app. Next, go to Privacy > Location Services > System Services.

Frequent Locations button iOS 7


2. Frequent Locations

You’ll see a small button at the bottom of the screen called Frequent Locations. Tap on it, and you’ll see two toggle controls and a list of your location history below.

Frequent Locations Settings iOS 7


3. Location History

Tap on a history tab and you’ll see the location/s on a map view. If you frequently visit multiple locations in a small area then you’ll see multiple blue circles on the map. Below the map view is a list of the exact locations and times you visited it.

Frequent Locations Map iOS 7


4. Time spent at a location

Tap on a location within the list to see the exact times you visited it. Spooky!

Frequent Location times iOS 7


5. Turn off frequent locations

Tap the Back button a couple of times to return to the main Frequent Locations panel. You can turn off this feature by toggling each of the buttons towards the top of the screen.

Frequent Locations off iOS 7

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