Sometimes an app might crash or stall on your iPhone or iPad. When this happens the app will become unresponsive or it might stop sending and receiving data. For example, emails might stop coming through, your music might stop playing or Safari might stop loading a webpage.

When this happens there’s an easy way to force quit the app then reboot it, read on to discover how…


1. The Multitask screen

To access the Multitasking mode, double-click the Home button on your device.

iOS 7 Multitasking


2. Recent apps

You’ll see all the recent apps that have been opened on your device. Swipe right to left with your finger to scroll through them.

iOS 7 scroll multitasking


3. Force quit an app

To force quit one of these app, swipe your finger upwards over the apps thumbnail screen. You’ll see the app window fly upwards and disappear. It has now been force quit.

iOS 7 force quit reboot app


4. Reboot the app

Swipe back to the Home Screen and tap on it to close the Multitasking screen (or just double-tap the Home button). Now re-open the app to reboot it. It should be working properly once again.


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