Reading emails in iOS 7 is intuitive and easier than ever before. The interface has a clean, simple look with buttons that only appear after a Multi-Touch gesture has been made. With just a swipe of your finger it’s possible to forward, flag, move and delete emails.


1. Email options

Open the Mail app and go to the Inbox. Next, swipe right to left across an email using your fingertip. You’ll see it slide to the left and reveal two buttons underneath: More and Trash. It might be stating the obvious, but by tapping the Trash button you can instantly move the message to the Trash folder.

Email swipe options iOS 7

2. Reply All

Tap the More button. A selection of controls will slide up from the bottom of the screen. From the top, Reply All enables you to send a reply to every recipient CC’d into the original email. Forward will enable you to send the email to someone else.

Forward email iOS 7


3. Flag an email

Tap the Flag button to highlight the email in your inbox. The highlight appears as a small orange circle to the left of the message. If you haven’t opened the message yet then it appears as a blue circle surrounded by an orange circle (see image below). You can unflag the message by swiping across it and choosing Unflag.

Flagged email in iOS 7


4. Mark as Unread/Read

Sometimes it’s helpful to mark an email as Unread. This enables the small red indicator above the app icon on the homepage, which is a great way to remind yourself to read and/or action a message at a later date.

Mark as unread iOS 7


5. Move a message

Tap the Move to Junk button to instantly remove the message from your inbox. This should also prevent other similar messages from the same sender appearing in your inbox. By tapping Move Message you can save the message in another folder or account inbox.

Move message iOS 7

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