Pages for iPad and iPhone includes all the important functions you need to create a successful document. It’s possible to see how many words have been typed, check the spelling, look up a word and manage many documents. Pages also automatically saves the document you’re working on every 30 seconds, so you never lose any important information.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to manage multiple documents, create folders to place them in, find and replace text, check spelling, look up a word and use the word count feature.


1. Find and Replace

To search for a word or sentence while viewing a document, tap the spanner icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen, then tap the Find button. Enter a phrase, then tap the Search button on the keyboard. To replace a word or sentence with another, tap the Replace button while searching for a phrase, then type the replacement into second text field that appears at the top of the screen.

Find text in Pages for iPad iPhone


2. Check Spelling

The spell checker is automatically turned on in Pages. It will replace words as you type and alert you to misspellings by underlining them in red. To turn off the spell checker, tap the spanner icon in the toolbar, tap Settings, then toggle Check Spelling.

Check Spelling Pages iPad iPhone


3. Look up a word

To see a definition of any word in a document, double-tap on the word, then tap the Define button in the pop-up window. You may need to download a dictionary, after which a pop-up window will appear displaying the meaning of the word.

Look up word Pages iPad iPhone


4. Word Count

Seeing how much you’ve written can be quite important. You might have an assignment with a specific word count, or want to limit a document to a certain length. To enable the Word Count feature in Pages, tap the spanner icon in the toolbar, tap Settings, then toggle Word Count. You’ll now see the Word Counter appear at the bottom of your document.

Word count Pages iPad iPhone


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