Make free video calls on your iPhone, wherever you are in the world….

With FaceTime you can be with friends and family at any time and place. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, meeting or just a chat, FaceTime lets you be a part of the moment with crystal clear video and audio.

FaceTime works over Wi-Fi, and enables you to call another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or a Mac. The recipient will receive an alert that’s just like a phone call, and with just one tap of a finger you’re connected. FaceTime is remarkably easy to use. In the tutorial to below you’ll learn how to set it up, make calls and swap cameras…


1. Use FaceTime to call

There is no FaceTime app on iPhone. Instead, calls are started through either the Messages or Contacts app. So to get started, open Contacts, select a recipient, then tap the FaceTime button at the bottom of the screen.

1 Use FaceTime to call

 2. Call from Contacts

Some contacts may have a list of numbers and email address. These will appear on-screen, select the most relevant and the FaceTime call will begin.

2 Call from Contacts

3. Swap cameras

By default FaceTime uses the front-facing camera. However, if you’d like to show your contact something happening in front of you, simply tap the camera swap button at the bottom of the screen.

3 Swap cameras

4. Move your image around

You can move the preview portrait of yourself around the screen using your finger. Helpful if there’s something you need to see that’s being blocked by your own face.

4 Move your image around

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