The Emoji keyboard is a brilliant way to send someone a funny, light-hearted messages.

Emjois are small, graphical icons that represent a message. They might include a thumbs up, heart symbol, a character being sick and much more. The iPhone includes dozens of them, and they’re easily accessible from the keyboard at any time.

To discover how to enable the Emoji keyboard, watch our video guide below or read on…


1. Settings

Start by opening the Settings app. Next, tap General,  select Keyboard, then tap Add New Keyboard. Scroll down the list, then tap Emoji.

iPhone Keyboard Settings

2. Emojis

The Emoji keyboard is now enabled. You can access it at any time by tapping the Globe key on the keyboard. It’s found next to the  Spacebar.

Enable the Emojis keyboard

3. Selecting Emojis

You can select an Emoji by just tapping on it. To find more, swipe left and right through them, or tap on an icon at the bottom of the keyboard top choose a different Emoji subject.

Selecting Emojis

4. Return to the regular keyboard

Just tap and hold the Globe button, then select your usual keyboard layout to return it to its usual state.

Return to the regular keyboard

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