How to quickly and easily call the emergency services and your emergency contact

If the worst ever happens and you need to call emergency services, just press the Sleep/Lock button on the side of your iPhone five times and it will activate Emergency SOS mode.
When activated you can use two sliders to show your medical ID card or call the emergency services. The Touch ID sensor is also deactivated, preventing someone from unlocking your device with your fingerprint. It’s only reactivated only after you input your passcode on the lock screen.

Automatically call the emergency services

If you only plan to use Emergency SOS mode to quickly call the emergency services, then activating Auto Call is a good idea. When enabled, after your press the Sleep/Lock button five times a countdown will begin, accompanied by a warning sound, before your iPhone automatically calls the emergency services.
To activate Auto Call go to Settings > Emergency SOS and toggle Auto Call on.

Set up Emergency Contacts

If you would like to notify contacts with an automated message whenever Emergency SOS mode is activated, open the Health app, tap Medical ID then tap the Edit button in the top-right corner of the screen. In the slide-up panel, tap add emergency contact and choose someone from your Contacts book.

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