Can I move a video from the Camera Roll to the Videos app?

Yes, but it’s complicated. You’ll need to sync your iOS device to a computer, save the video to it, then move the video file to your Movies collection within iTunes. You can now sync the video back to your iPhone or iPad where it will be stored in the Videos app.


Can I save videos from the internet to my iPhone or iPad?

You can only save videos from the Messages app or Mail.


Can I watch AVI/WMV/MKV or Flash videos on my iPhone and iPad?

Yes, but not with the Videos app. You’ll need to install an app such as iMedia Player, then sync the videos directly to the app via iTunes.


Can I make my own movies on iPhone and iPad?

Yes you can. Apple provides an amazing app called iMovie. It enables you to edit video, add sound effects, transition effects, create trailers and much more.


To find out more about editing video on your iOS device, click or tap here.


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