Give your photos a totally new look with the updated image editing tools in iOS 7.

iOS 7 introduces a totally new interface for editing photos after they’ve been taken. It’s cleaner and simpler to understand, and you’ll now find the same filter effects as found in the Camera app. That means you can experiment with all the photos stored on your device to give them the best possible appearance.

Read through the tutorial below to see how it’s done…


1. First steps

Select a photo that needs editing from the Photos app. Next, tap the Edit button at the top of the screen. You’ll see a selection of buttons appear at the bottom of the screen.

1 Overview

2. Rotate

Tap the Rotate button in the bottom left corner to spin the image counter clockwise. Keep tapping it to continue rotating the image until you’re happy with the results. Tap the Save button in the top right corner to confirm the changes.

2 rotate

3. Auto enhance

Tap the Enhance button and iOS 7 will automatically boost colors if necessary, auto-correct the white balance, bright dark areas and enhance faces. If you’re happy with the result then tap the Save button at the top of the screen, otherwise the image can be reverted to its original state by tapping Undo at the top of the screen.

3 Auto enhance

4. Filters

Tap the Filters button in the bottom middle of the screen to access nine great photo filters. The first three add varying black and white filters, Noir is especially effective. The following five filters add processed looks that fade the image, or change the hue. Try experimenting with all the filters to see what works best with the image.

4 Filters

5. Red eye fix

If the flash has caused the dreaded red eye effect, then tap the third button from the left at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap on any red eyes in the photos and iPad will make them look natural again.

5 Red eye fix

6. Crop

Tap the Crop button, then drag the handles on each corner of the crop tool to cut out areas of the image you don’t need. Try cutting an image wide to give it a cinematic appearance. When you’re happy with the result, tap the Crop button in the top right corner to save the image.

6 Crop

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