iOS 7 includes 30 new wallpapers. Some include stunning photographs, others take an abstract approach with vivid colors and textured patterns.

For those still using iOS 6 or other mobile operating systems, we’ve rounded up all 30 images and placed them on this page for you to download. Just click on a thumbnail of choice to see the original high-resolution image.

101@2x~iphone 102@2x~iphone 103@2x~iphone 104@2x~iphone 105@2x~iphone 106@2x~iphone107@2x~iphone 108@2x~iphone 110@2x~iphone 111@2x~iphone 112@2x~iphone113@2x~iphone 114@2x~iphone 115@2x~iphone 116@2x~iphone 117@2x~iphone118@2x~iphone 119@2x~iphone 120@2x~iphone 121@2x~iphone 122@2x~iphone123@2x~iphone 124@2x~iphone 125@2x~iphone 126@2x~iphone 127@2x~iphone200@2x~iphone 201@2x~iphone 202@2x~iphone 203@2x~iphone 204@2x~iphone

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