Apple has just released beta 4 of iOS & for iPhone and iPad. Some updates significantly change the usability of menus such as the Lock Screen, while others are only small cosmetic tweaks. Read on to find out what’s new…


The Lock Screen has been changed:

  • The arrows indicating Notification Center and Control Center are flat instead of arrowed.
  • A arrow pointing right has been added to the Slide to unlock text

iOS 7 beta 4 Lock Screen



The Weather app icon has a darker blue gradient:

iOS 7 beta 4 Weather icon



The HDR button in the Camera app has been moved:

iOS 7 beta 4 Camera HDR button



The Call and Decline buttons in the Phone app have been changed:

iOS 7 beta 4 Phone Call buttons



The background transparency on folders has been reduced:

iOS 7 beta 4 folders



Spotlight search has been completed revamped:

iOS 7 beta 4 Spotlight search



You can swipe left and right between Notification Center panels:

iOS 7 beta 4 Notification Center



Names in the Messages app are now abbreviated:

iOS 7 beta 4 Messages


There new are button icons in Safari:

iOS 7 beta 4 Safari buttons


The download image/attachment animation mirrors the app installation animation:

iOS 7 beta 4 Mail app download


Siri has a new help section:

iOS 7 beta 4 Siri Help



The Music app now has Shuffle controls:

iOS 7 Beta 4 Music Shuffle



The Compass app calibrates faster:

iOS 7 beta 4 Calendar app



A search and timer bar has been added to the Reminders app:iOS 7 beta 4 Reminders app


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