iPhoto is an amazing app for editing your images. It’s possible to clean scratches and blemishes, crop and rotate photos, boost individual colors and even create shared albums.

These edited photos are always saved within the app itself – not the devices Camera Roll. That means if you delete a photo from the Camera Roll, it will still be saved within the iPhoto app. Additionally, as you edit images over time the app will take up more storage space on your device. If you’ve edited more than 100 images you can expect the iPhoto app to take up more than 1GB of size.

Removing these images is a tedious task, but there’s a simple trick to ease the process. Read on to see how it’s done.


1. Select an image

Open iPhoto and tap on the Edited album. Next, select an image you wish to remove and tap the Settings wheel in the bottom corner of the screen. It looks like three white dots sitting next to each other.

iPhoto Settings button


2. Revert the image

Tap the Revert button towards the top of the pop-up field. The image will now be removed from iPhoto, saving space on your device.

iPhoto Revert Button


3. Select multiple images

To remove multiple images at once, select the first image, then tap and hold on another. You’ll see a white border appear around it to indicate it has been select. Keep tapping and holding on images you wish to remove, there’s no limit on how many can be selected at once. Tap the Settings button, then the Revert button to remove them.

iPhoto Multiple Images Selected


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