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Choosing the theme and writing the credits is only the first step in creating an amazing trailer. Next you’ll need to edit the titles and add your own footage.

iMovie makes it easy to add suitable video content. Each clip of the trailer includes a small thumbnail graphic that depicts what type of shot it is. For example, the thumbnail for an action shot displays a man running, and a close-up shows a face.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to edit the trailer titles, add your own videos and save the trailer. It’s surprisingly easy, and produces great results.


1. Edit the titles

Each title has a blue marker line written through it. Tap on the first title at the top of the screen and edit the text using the keyboard. Tap the Done button on the keyboard to confirm the edit.

1. Edit the titles

2. Initial video clip

Tap on the first video clip thumbnail, then select a video from the Media Library that appears on-screen. The trailer clip is only a few seconds long, so drag the yellow selection bar along the video timeline until you find a section suitable for the trailer.

2. Initial video clip

3. Edit a shot

If you add a video to the trailer but wish to edit the timing of the clip, simply tap on it, then adjust the selection portion using the yellow outline in the Media Library window.

3. Edit a shot

4. More titles and clips

Continue editing the titles and adding clips, working your way through the trailer. You’ll see changes appear in real-time in the video preview window.


5. Record a video clip

To record a new video clip and add it to the trailer timeline, tap a thumbnail, then tap the Camera icon. Next, tap the Record button and wait for the 3-second countdown to end. iMovie will now record a video clip and add it to the trailer.

5. Record a video clip

6. Remove a clip

To get rid of an unwanted video clip from the trailer timeline, simply tap on it, then hit the Remove button.


7. Export a trailer

Once all the video clips and titles have been entered, tap the My Projects button near the top of the screen. Ensuring the trailer is centered, tap the Export button and choose a suitable output.

7. Export a trailer
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