Action photos have always been hard to capture on mobile devices. Whether it’s someone jumping mid-air, a vehicle racing by or a friend performing acrobatic moves, photos have previously come out blurry and mistimed. Not with the iPhone 5s. It includes a brand new feature called Burst Mode, which works by taking 10 photos every second and then saves them into a collection in the Photos app. It automatically looks through all the photos you’ve captured, then picks what it thinks is the best one. It does this by analyzing the brightness, sharpness, whether there’s a face in the photos and more. This is then saved as a Favourite image. You can of course, manually pick your own favourite with just a few taps of your finger.


1. Get capturing

Open the Camera app and prepare your shot. When you’re ready to take a burst mode photo, tap and hold the camera button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a counter appear above the button displaying how many individual images are being taken. When you’ve finished capturing in burst mode let go of the camera button.

iPhone 5s Burst mode


2. Stacks

The burst mode images will now be saved as a stack in your Camera Roll. To see them, tap the thumbnail image in the bottom corner of the Camera app, or open the Photos app. You’ll see the stack of images saved alongside any other photos you’ve taken.

Burst stack Camera Roll


3. Favourites

Open the stack of photos. You’ll see a counter displaying the total amount of images near the top left corner of the screen. To select a favourite tap the Favourites… button at the bottom of the screen.

Burst mode favorites


4. Select a new favourite

A selection of thumbnails will appear. Scroll through them using your finger and tick your favourite (or favourites). Each will be checked with a blue tick. Tap the Done button to confirm your changes. A slide-up panel will ask if you’d like to only keep your favourite/s or keep everything. Tap whichever is relevant to your needs.

Select a favorite burst mode iPhone 5s



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