Pages enables you to style text with a wealth of customization. Everything you’d expect from a word processing application is here, including the ability to change text color, size, paragraph style and more.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to do all of the above with just your fingertips. It won’t be long until you have a unique, beautiful-looking document that’s ready for sharing. Tap or swipe through the tutorial box to the right to get started.


1. Bold, italics and underline

Begin by opening an existing document. Select the text you want to apply a style too, then tap the paintbrush icon in the tool bar. Tap Style and you’ll see a number of styling options. B will bold the text. I will italicize it. U will underline the text and S will give it a strikethrough.

Bold Italic Underline text iPad Pages



2. Font size

To alter the font size, tap the small A icon to shrink the font, and the larger A icon to increase it.

Font size change in Pages


3. Change the font color

Select a range of text, then tap the paintbrush icon in the toolbar. Tap Style, then tap the Font name in the Style window (it’s Helvetica by default). You can now edit the color of the text by tapping the color swatch.

Font colour in Pages right with your finger to see more colors.



4. Paragraph style

To change the paragraph style of a sentence, tap the paintbrush icon in the toolbar, then tap Style. You’ll see a selection of paragraph styles in the scroller that appears in the pop-up window. Select one to apply it to a sentence.

Edit the Paragraph style in Pages


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