We all know how annoying repeated calls can be. They might be from call centers, banks or irate friends. The only way to ignore them is to silence the phone and hope they go away. It’s the same with text messages, sometimes a contact just doesn’t know when to stop texting you.

Not with iOS 7. It includes a great feature for automatically blocking phone calls and text messages from any contacts stored on your device. It’s easy to set up and totally configurable, so if that pesky friend decides they’ve had enough of calling you, it’s possible to unblock them at a future date. Read on to see how it’s done, or play the video below to see how it in action…


1. Block phone calls

Open the Settings app and scroll down to Phone. Tap on it, then tap the Blocked button.

Block Calls iPhone iOS 7


2. Blocked Contacts

Tap the Add New button. You’ll see every contact stored on your device appear on-screen, just tap on one to add it to your blocked list.

Blocked contacts on iPhone


3. Unblock a Contact

To unblock someone you’ve added to the Blocked list, swipe from right to left across the contact. The option to Unblock them will slide onto the screen. Tap on it to remove the contact from your blocked list.

Unblock a contact on iPhone


4. Block text messages

You can also block contacts from the Messages menu. From the Settings app, scroll down and select Messages, then follow the instructions above to add or remove contacts. Please note that both the Messages and Phone settings share the same blocked list.

Block SMS messages on iPhone

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