The mail app in iOS 7 doesn’t include an attachment button, but that doesn’t mean you can’t attach photos and video with your messages. There are two methods of emailing attachments. The first is to use the Share button in the Photos app. Just tap it while viewing the image you want to share, select any further images then tap the Mail button.

Alternatively, this tutorial focuses on the copy and paste method. It’s more complicated, but it enables you to attach images while composing emails, making it possible to format messages with text and images mixed together. Read on to see how it’s done…


1. Create an email

Start by creating a new email. Add a recipient by typing their name into the To: field, then add a subject. Once you’re ready to attach an image, sound or video file, press the Home button to close the Mail app — don’t worry, your message is still open in the background.

New mail iOS 7


2. Photos app

Next open the Photos app. Find an image you want to insert into your message, then tap and hold your finger in the middle of the photo. A small pop-up field will appear with the text “Copy”. Tap on it to copy the photo.

Copy photo iOS 7


3. Paste into Mail

Close the Photos app and re-open the Mail app. Your draft message will still be open on-screen. Tap and hold your finger on the area you want to include the photo. It can be at the start of the message, in the middle of a sentence, wherever you like. Next, tap the Paste button that appears above your fingertip. The image will now be attached into the email.

Paste into Mail iOS 7

4. Paste other files

Continue to write and copy/paste images until you’re happy with the email. You can also paste videos from the Photos app into messages, although these will be compressed before sending. You might also have to trim the length of longer videos.

Attach video Mail iOS 7


5. Copy and paste

Please also note that this method of copying and pasting files works also for other apps. That means you can copy a photo from the web when using Safari, then paste it into an email, or paste photos and videos into iMessages.

Copy photo from web iOS 7


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