Assigning a custom ringtone to a contact is one of the easiest ways to instantly tell who’s trying to get in touch. Using iOS 7 it’s possible to select from a variety of custom tones, as well as purchase and download ringtones based upon the latest music in the charts. It’s a quick and easy process, taking only seconds to complete. Read on to see how it’s done…


1. Contacts app

Begin by opening the Contacts app, then select the contact you’d like to assign a custom ringtone. Tap the blue Edit button in the top right corner of the screen.

Ringtone contact


2. Ringtones

Next, tap the Ringtone button. You can now choose from a wide selection of audio tones that suit the particular contact.

Ringtone iOS 7


3. Classic tones

If you prefer the older ringtones that were introduced with the very first iPhone and used through to the iPhone 5, then tap the Classic button at the bottom of the ringtones list. From the following pane you can select a classic tone from years gone by.

Classic ringtone


4. Music track tones

If you’d like to assign a music track as a tone, tap the Buy More Tones button at the top of the Ringtone screen. You’ll then be taken to the Tones section of the iTunes Store, where you can preview and download a number of ringtones based upon contemporary and classic music.

Buy ringtones

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