Apple was today awarded a patent that enables it to create devices with flexible enclosures. Imagine a MacBook Air without the seam beneath the screen, but instead one continuous enclosure that stretches from the top of the screen to the bottom of the trackpad:

Seamless MacBook Air


Reported by website Patently Apple, the patent details how laser cutting “flex apertures” and removing small sections creates a geometric pattern of interlocking features that enable the material to bend like a hinge.  The new material is designed to only flex by a pre-determined amount, safe guarding internal components such as wiring and circuitry.

patent flex


In the patent we see a MacBook Pro mock-up with a new enclosure that includes the new flex hinge. It’s worth noting that the patent relates to many devices, including headphones, smartphones, music players, televisions and more. Further images depict a perspective view of the material being bent into two shapes, wrapped around the bottom of headphones and used as an iPad Smart Cover.

headphones flex patent


It’s a complicated patent, but well worth reading if you have the time. Make sure to visit Patently Apple for more.

Source: Patently Apple

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