As you may have noticed, today we launched an all-new version of iOS Guides.

It’s packed with new features, better typography and an improved layout for iPad and iPhone users. That latter point is rather important, as nearly half the traffic to iOS Guides consists of iPad and iPhone users. Today, they’ll find it easier to read and navigate the website thanks to its all-new responsive design. Here’s a quick overview of the other notable features:

Read Progress Bar

As you read articles on the site, keep an eye on the progress bar near the top of the screen. It tells you how much of the page has been read with a large, blue sliding bar.

Progress bar

Minutes to read counter

Alongside each post and article is a small counter that tells you how long the piece will take to read.

Better search

Tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search the website using a full-screen search tool that works brilliantly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Type to search

Better design across all devices

No matter what device you use to access the site, it will always look great and be easy to navigate.

iOS Guides Responsive Design


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