Learn how to add and trim a video in the iMovie for iPad app, before adding it to the timeline…

Importing video into iMovie is easy. With just a few taps you can open the Camera Roll, select and trim a video, then place it right onto the timeline.

It’s also possible to record a new video straight from iMovie, which is great if you need to fill the gaps in a scene or create a movie on-the-go. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to import existing videos from your iDevice, trim unwanted footage and record a new clip using the Camera.


1. Choose an import location

Ensuring that your project is open, scrub along the timeline using your finger to where you wish to place the video. If the playhead (the red line) is located over a clip, then the imported clip will appear either before or after the clip, depending on the playheads location.


2. Locate the file

Tap on the Media Library button, then select the Video button at the bottom of the screen. Navigate to the file of choice, then tap on it.

Step 2

3. Trim a clip

You’ll see yellow dots on either side of the clip. You can drag these using your finger to shorten a clip, eliminating unwanted footage. Once you’re happy with the clip, simply tap the blue arrow to place it on the timeline.

Step 3

4. Record from the camera

If you need to capture a new clip straight away, then tap the Camera button, which is located next to the Play button. The Camera app will slide across the screen, enabling you to record a new clip. Once you’ve recorded a new clip, iMovie will automatically place it onto the timeline.

Step 4

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