Titles are a great way to add visual information to a scene. You can reveal a location, event name or add a caption to a funny photo – it’s completely up to you.

Adding titles to a clip or photo in iMovie is a simple process. To begin, select the video clip or photo that you wish to add a title too. You’ll see a small row of text buttons at the bottom of the screen, the first being Title. Tap this button.

iMovie Title Button


Four options will appear along the bottom of the screen: None, Opening, Middle and Closing. Tap whichever is relevant to your needs and you’ll see a preview of the title appear over the clip. To edit the title text, tap on the preview window and the keyboard will appear on-screen, enabling you to enter your own text.

Title options


To edit the appearance of the title, close the keyboard and tap the text edit button in the bottom right corner. It looks like a T in a box. You’ll see a selection of nine title options that range from standard text to animated titles with Hollywood-style special effects.

Nine Title Presettings


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