Adding a signature to the bottom of an email is something most of us like to do. It’s a helpful way to leave your name, phone number, website and more when you’d like the recipient to get back in touch.

However, by default the iPhone and iPad leave a blank space at the bottom of your email (or if you’ve upgraded from iOS 6 to iOS 7 it might say “Sent from my iPhone/iPad”), which isn’t very helpful. Thankfully, it’s easy to setup your own signature, either for all your emails or on a per-account basis. Here’s how it’s done:


Settings app

Open the Settings app, scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Scroll down again and you’ll see an option called Signature. Tap it.


If you only have one email account setup on your iOS device then you’ll see a blank editable field for entering your signature. Those with multiple email accounts will see two options at the top of the screen: All Accounts or Per Account. Let’s begin by selecting All Accounts. Tap this option and you’ll see a blank field appear in the middle of the screen. Tap the blank field and the keyboard will slide up the screen, enabling you to enter your signature. To save the signature, just close the Settings app. Now, create a new email and you’ll see the signature automatically appear at the bottom of the message.


Per Accounts

Say you’ve got 5 email accounts, how do you create a custom signature for each? It’s easy, just tap the Per Account option in the Signature window and you’ll see an editable field for each email account appear on-screen. Just like the step above, simply enter your signature for each account then close the Mail app to save them. Next time you reply to an email from an account, your signature will automatically appear at the bottom of the message.


Adding a photo

Unfortunately you can’t add images to your signature. The Settings app will let you copy and paste an image into the signature field, but when you begin an email you’ll notice that the image doesn’t appear. We can’t tell if this is a bug in iOS, or a feature that Apple hasn’t implemented yet, but we’ll update this post when Apple enables users to include images in their signatures.

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