iMovie comes with a selection of great sound effects. They include audience applause, a dinosaur growl, footsteps, phone rings and thunder. These can be placed anywhere on the timeline, with a maximum limit of three simultaneous sound effects.

Music works differently, because you can only have one track which runs throughout the length of your timeline. However, by exporting a video with a music track then importing the finished video into a new project, you can overlay multiple music tracks.

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how you can import sound effects and music into your project. Read on to see how it’s done..


1. Choose an import location

Ensuring that your project is open, scrub along the timeline using your finger to where you wish to place the sound effect.


2. Sound effects

Select the Audio button in the Media Library window near the top right corner of the screen. iMovie will present you with a menu of options, including Theme Music, Sound Effects, Playlists and Albums. Let’s try Sound Effects. Select it to see a list of audio effects available to use. Tap on one, then tap the curved arrow button to play it on the timeline.

Adding sound effects iMovie

3. Using sound effects

To move the sound effect along the timeline, tap and hold on it until it jumps up, then drag it wherever you’d like. You can place as many sound effects as you like, but only three can play simultaneously.

Moving Sound Effect


4. Music

iMovie comes with some great music tracks, there’s one for each theme. You can use any of the themed tracks in your project, or load a soundtrack of your own from the Music app. Music tracks play over the entirety of your project, so make sure to use one that’s suitable for the full length of your film.


5. Theme Music

To use a Themed music track, tap the back arrow in the Media Library window, then tap the Theme Music button. You’ll see eight tracks to choose from.

Theme Music


6. Original Music

To use a music track of your town, select either the Playlist, Albums, Artists or Songs options from the Media Library, then tap on a track of your choosing.

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