Learn how quick and easy it is to search for things on your device…

Spotlight Search is a great way to search for emails, messages, phone numbers and more on your iOS device.

On iOS 7 it has moved from the left side of the Home Screen to the top. This now makes it accessible from any Home Screen. Read on to see how it’s accessed and how to configure Spotlight Search.

1. Access Spotlight Search

From any Home Screen panel, tap and drag the screen downwards. You’ll see Spotlight Search slide in from the top.

iOS 7 Spotlight Pull Down


2. Search.

Enter any search term. You can look for apps, emails, SMS messages, calendar entries, notes… anything you can think of.

Spotlight iOS 7 iPad


3. Configure Spotlight Search

If you’re seeing too many results, or want to configure what Spotlight Search looks for, open the Settings app, select General then tap on Spotlight Search.

Spotlight iOS 7 Settings


4. Hide and reorganize results

Just tap on an entry to prevent it from appearing in Spotlight Search. You can reorganize the results by dragging the three-lined icon on the right of the screen.

Spotlight iOS 7 Configure

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