How are the 3D maps made?

It’s rather clever. A plane makes multiple passes over a location, taking photos the entire time. Aftwards, a piece of software compares and analyses the images to create a 3D model.


Why isn’t my home/town in 3D?

Because it’s an expensive process to map a location. The weather also needs to be clear and sunny. Nevertheless, your current location may appear in 3D in the future.


Can I report problems with the 3D maps?

Yes, you can report visual errors to Apple. Tap the curl in the bottom corner of the screen, then tap the Report a Problem button. You can now choose from a variety of options and enter your comments for Apple to review.


Why is the 3D button not visible?

You probably have the map view set to Standard. Tap the curl button in the bottom corner of the screen, then tap the Satellite button. The 3D button will now be enabled.


For a full 3D maps tutorial, click or tap here.


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