Explore the world in beautiful 3D on your iPhone…

With iOS 6 and the new Maps app, it’s possible to navigate the world’s most famous cities in beautiful 3D graphics. Buildings, landmarks and even trees are modeled, enabling you to explore your way around a neighborhood or city like never before.

In this tutorial you’ll discover how to enable 3D mode, then explore famous locations using your fingertips. You’ll be panning, zooming and rotating your way through vividly rendered cities in no time…


1. Open

Tap on the Maps application from your iPhones homescreen, it will automatically find your current location and zoom in.


2. Search

Tap on the search field at the top of the screen, then type in a popular location such as San Francisco. Maps will offer a suggestion (for example San Francisco, CA). Tap on it and Maps will zoom there in an instant.

step 2

3. Satellite view

Tap on the small fold graphic that’s located in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also drag it open using your finger. Next, tap the Satellite button at the bottom of the screen. The fold will re-close and you’ll see buildings photographed from above.


4. 3D mode

Zoom in so you can clearly see individual buildings. Now for the magic part. Tap the 3D button in the bottom left corner of the screen. It looks like three buildings. You’ll see the camera pan and shift to show the buildings in 3D. Drag your finger along the screen to move the view.


5. Change the view

To rotate the image, simply place two fingers on the screen then rotate them. You can also zoom in by pinching your fingers together and apart. To tilt the camera, simultaneously move two fingers up or down the screen. Moving them left or right will pan the camera.

3D maps on iPhone

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