With Apple Watch, you can now control the music playing on your iPhone from your wrist, making it easier than ever to select tracks, albums and control the playback of your favourite tunes.

Start playing music

There are many ways to play music on Apple Watch. You can start playing a track on iPhone, ask Siri or press the Digital Crown to visit the Home screen then open the Music app. After opening the app you’ll see shortcuts for accessing every artist, album, song and playlist on your iPhone. Scroll through your music using the Digital Crown, then tap on the music selection of choice to begin playing it through either a pair of Bluetooth headphones or iPhone.

Ask Siri to play a song

The easiest way to play a song on Apple Watch is to ask Siri to start playing it. Just lift your Apple Watch and say “Hey Siri, play Hold Back The River,” or “Hey Siri, play music by James Bay,” and Siri will automatically start playing music that’s either on your iPhone or stored locally on Apple Watch.

Control the music on your iPhone

If both Apple Watch and iPhone are connected, simply start playing music on your iPhone and the playback controls will be easily accessible from Apple Watch. To access them, just swipe upwards from the clock face screen and the music controls will appear as a glance screen. You’ll see buttons for controlling the playback and altering the volume. You can also access the music controls by going to the Home screen and opening the Music app.

Shuffle or repeat music

To shuffle or repeat music on your Apple Watch, press firmly on the display then tap the relevant button in the options panel that appears.

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