You can now get directions from your wrist with the Maps app on Apple Watch.

That’s not all, because the Maps app also lets you search for locations using dictation, so finding a nearby address or business has never been more convenient; and once you’re on your way, Apple Watch will tap on your wrist to let you know that it’s time to turn left or right. As a result, navigating a city or new district has never been easier.

Opening Maps

There are multiple ways you can open the Maps app or check out a location from your wrist. The easiest is to visit the Home screen by pressing the Digital Crown, then tapping the Maps app icon. You can also swipe up from a clock face and select the Maps glances screen. Alternatively, just tap an address when reading an email or message.

How to search for a location

Want to get directions to a location? Open the Maps app then press firmly on the display. You’ll now see options for searching for a new location or finding the address of a friend. If searching for a new location, you can dictate the address or look up any recently viewed addresses from your iPhone or Mac.

Get directions

Apple Watch makes it easy to find and locate a location. It’ll even notify you to turn left or right by tapping on your wrist. To begin, open the Maps app then press firmly on the screen. Next, tap the Dictation button and speak aloud the address, name or zip/post code of the location you’d like to visit. Apple Watch will dictate the address, if it’s correct, simply tap the Done button. You’ll now see the details of the location, including its rating, phone number and address. Scroll down using the Digital Crown and you’ll see buttons for navigating to the address via walking, driving or public transport. Tap whichever is relevant to your needs, then tap the Start button. Follow the direction on the display, then whenever Apple Watch taps on your wrist, check the display for the next set of directions.

Use both iPhone and Apple Watch to get directions

Sometimes it’s easier to find a location on your iPhone. The on-screen keyboard makes it simple to type an address, and the larger screen can display more information at once. With Apple Watch connected to your iPhone, the two devices will automatically work in tandem to help you find a location. All you need to do is search for a location on iPhone and begin directions, and Apple Watch will automatically tap you on the wrist and display the next set of instructions when it’s time to change course.

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