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Download the new iOS 7 wallpapers for iPhone

iOS 7 includes 30 new wallpapers. Some include stunning photographs, others take an abstract approach with vivid colors and textured patterns. For those still using iOS 6 or other mobile…..

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What’s new in the iOS 7 Gold Master?

Apple has just released the Gold Master version of iOS 7. That’s the final, shipping version that you’ll find on all new iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. Here’s what’s new…..

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How to edit videos on iOS 7 using iPad

So you’ve recorded an amazing video, but it’s a bit too long. iOS 7 makes it easy to trim the beginning and end of any video to remove those unwanted…..

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How to use iTunes Radio outside of the US

iTunes Radio is a brilliant way to listen to streaming music catered to your own tastes. Not only can you choose from your favourite genre, but you can also create…..

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How to use iTunes Radio in iOS 7

iTunes Radio is a great way to listen to music. It comprises more then 200 genre-focused stations, with everything from Classical to Hard Rock. You can also create your own…..

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iOS 7 Screen Tips for iPad

All iOS devices include a clever sensor that automatically dims and brightens the screen depending on the ambient light. However, there will be times when you need to increase or…..

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How to use Safari on iPad using iOS 7

iOS 7 includes a brand new version of Safari for iPad. It’s packed with new features, including iCloud Tabs and a completely revamped interface. When browsing the web the address…..

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How to use Do Not Disturb on iPad in iOS 7

It can be rather annoying when a message, FaceTime call or notification awakes you at night, or when your iPad lights up and emits a noise during an important meeting……