iOS 7 beta 3 was released today for users testing it for development purposes.

It introduces a wealth of tweaks and updates that vastly improve the feel and stability of the system. We’ve listed the most important changes below, and included screenshots where necessary.


– The main font used for the system has been changed from Helvetica Neue Light to Helvetica Neue Regular for easier reading:

ios 7 font changes


– Folders are more transparent than before:

ios 7 transparent folders


– The translucent background behind folders are lighter:

ios 7 folder


– The loading bar is thicker in Safari:

ios 7 thicker safari loading bar


– The Calendar app now shows which days have events:

ios 7 calendar dots


– Toggle switches now have a subtle bounce animation:

ios 7 toggle switch


– A brand new animation is included when apps are installing:

ios 7 app installation animation


– New icons in the Music and App Store apps:

ios 7 app store icons


– The Phone and Contact apps now displays icon for calling and texting, instead of showing text buttons:

ios 7 facetime icons


– The buy button in the App Store now has a blue border around it:

ios 7 beta 3 app store button


– Colour enhancements in the Notes app:

ios 7 note highlighted


– The page tab view in Safari has been altered with a steeper angle:

ios 7 beta 3 safari tabs



– The button animation in the Calculator app has been changed to make it more subtle:

ios 7 calculator button


– The Dictionary feature now works:

ios 7 dictionary


– The Brightness slider has new icons:

ios 7 beta 3 slider control

– Pull-to-refresh animation in Mail has been altered:

ios 7 mail refresh animation


– Search bar in Mail has been changed:

ios 7 mail search


– The parallax background moves more realistically and with smoother scrolling.
– Speed improvements, particularly on the iPad mini.
– More translucency effects on the iPhone 4S.
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Been using it a few weeks now.  Not a big fan.  For starters, the icons and general appearance of my iPhone now looks like 13 yr old girls concoction.  I don't like making my phone slower because there are now animations.  Like after I unlock the phone, there is an animation of all the icons coming together that takes a full second.  Why??  I'm used to unlocking and going straight to swiping or clicking an icon, now I have to wait; it's frustrating.  Not a fan or the new 'page tab view' in Safari.  I keep trying to click windows closed but again, I have man hands (not 13 yr old girl hands) and I keep clicking the window.  Calendar aren't friendly.  I like that folders now have pages, but each page is far too small.  Apple increased the screen size, but now allows for few items on the screen??   Bookmarks functions are still half-assed.  Things I like:  Ummm... mostly just the basics that haven't changed much.  I've been using iPhones since 2007 when the original was out.  I already have an iPhone 5, but I also have an upgrade this month.  I'm going to wait and see how this iOS is after the public release and then decide if I'm staying with them or going shopping for a new kind of phone.  :/

tl;dr - no like, waiting till pub release to decide if sticking with apple