Download Microsoft Office Word, Powerpoint and Excel for iPad

Office for iPad featured image

Microsoft today released Microsoft Office for the iPad. Available as three separate apps: Word, Excel and Powerpoint, these are fully-featured apps that enable you to create feature-rich documents, spread sheets and presentations.

The apps make use of Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription, meaning those without can only open and present files. However, once logged into a 365 account, the apps become fully unlocked with nearly all the features found in the desktop software.





Office documents on your iPad

Your documents looks just as good on iPad as they do on your Mac or PC. Images, tables, SmartArt, equations and more are all present and available, and perfectly formatted. Presentations include the same transitions and animations, and there’s even an in-built laser pointer that’s accessed by long-pressing on the iPad screen.



You’ll recognize the familiar ribbon-based interface from the desktop apps, but it’s been tweaked to work perfectly with iOS 7. Touch areas are large enough to be easily tapped with your finger, so there’s no need for a keyboard and mouse.


Save with confidence

Office for iPad uses OneDrive to save documents to the cloud, and your files will look exactly the same no matter what device they’re being viewed on. Word can also track changes, have threaded comments and easily accept or reject edits.