With just a flick of your wrist it’s possible to see the time using Apple Watch.

The Watch Face is its most prominent screen, showing whenever you need to check the time, open an app or simply turn on Apple Watch, so customizing it is key to personalizing the device towards your own tastes and needs.

To adjust the details, layout or colors of a Watch Screen, force tap on the Watch Face then tap the Customize button that appears below. There are three areas of customization available: the clock face, the second hand and the complications. You can swipe left or right to jump between then, then tap on a green highlighted area to customize it.

While customizing the clock face, you can add detail by simply scrolling the Digital Crown. Typically, the hours and then the minutes are added to the clock face as you scroll. While customizing the second hand, you can change its color by scrolling the Digital Crown. Finally, to customize the complications simply tap on the area of choice highlighted in green, then use the Digital Crown to select a complication. To save your customisations, simply push the Digital Crown inwards.

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