How to use the Camera timer on iPhone in iOS 8

Set Timer iOS 8 iPhone

Taking a selfie is easy, but with iOS 8 you can now take a full-body photo using the timer feature.

Okay, so maybe that’s not the main purpose of the timer, but it’s likely to the most popular use, because no longer will users have to manually press the capture button to take a photo. Now with iOS 8 it’s possible to set a timer of either 3 or 10 seconds, press record then dash in front of the lens before the image is taken. Here’s how to use this long-awaited feature:

Open the Camera app and you’ll see a timer icon sitting alongside the flash, HDR and swap-camera buttons. Tap it and you’ll see three text options appear on-screen: Off, 3s and 10s. These correspond to the timer settings, so off is the standard setting, 3s gives you three seconds to pose and 10s gives you 10 seconds to prepare yourself. Swipe your finger across the screen to select whichever is relevant to your needs, then tap the Camera button to snap a photo. You’ll see a countdown appear on-screen and the camera flash will also emit a brief light for each passing second. After the countdown has ended your iPhone will quickly capture 10 photos in a second. This stack of photos will be saved in the Photos app.

To pick a favourite, open the stack and tap the blue Select… text. Next, swipe through the images then tap the image (or images) you wish to save. Once you’re happy with the selection, tap the Done button and the Photos app will ask if you’d like to keep your favourite image or all the images in the stack.