Discover how to activate Apple Watch, use the Digital Crown and more…

Apple Watch is designed to be incredibly easy to use. Taps let you interactive with on-screen elements, the Digital Crown enables you to scroll or zoom through content, while the Taptic Engine chip built into the device alerts or interacts with you using subtle taps and vibrations. This brief tutorial will walk through the basics of using the Home screen, digital crown and social button.

Activate Apple Watch

Want to see the time? Simply raise your wrist and turn it towards your face and Apple Watch will automatically activate the screen. This works by using built-in sensors including a gyroscope and accelerometer that work in tandem to detect subtle movement and rotation.

The Home Screen

After you’ve activated the screen you’ll see a grid of circular icons spread out across the display. These represent the many apps available on Apple Watch.

Look closely and you’ll recognize many of them, including the Mail app, Photos app, Phone app and Messages app. There are more icons off the edges of the display. To see them simply touch the screen and then move them around with your fingertip, you’ll see the icons shuffle and move in size as they approach the central area.

Once your app of choice is located in the center of the screen simply tap on it with your finger and it’ll open. To return back to the Home screen, simply press the Digital Crown on the side of Apple Watch.


Magnifying and scrolling through content

The Apple Watch display is far too small for using your fingers to zoom in and out of content; they’d simply block the screen hiding the app below. So to zoom in and out of maps or photos, simply rotate the Digital Crown on the side of Apple Watch. You can also use the crown to zoom the home screen out, revealing every app installed on your device.

Similarly, scrolling through content such as lists and message content is done by rotating the Digital Crown. After just a few rotations you’ll find this method of zooming and scrolling to feel totally natural, and best of all you get the see the entire screen while navigating and exploring using this method.

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