Apple Watch is an incredibly personal device. It resides on your body, responds to your movement and even keeps an eye on your heartbeat. Because it’s such a personal device, Apple Watch has been designed to help you keep healthy and fit by tracking your activity and health goals.

Being healthy isn’t just about hitting the gym. It’s also about being active all day long, whether that’s a walk to work, climbing stairs or playing with your kids. Apple Watch keeps track of these activities, adds them all up and presents them in a beautiful way within the Activity app.

Open the Activity app and you’ll see three animated rings that tell you everything you need to know about your days activities. The red Move ring shows you how many calories you’ve burned; the green Exercise ring displays the number of minutes of brisk activity you’ve taken, while the blue Stand ring indicates how often you’ve stood up to take a break from sitting down. To see more details about each of these rings, simply swipe the screen right to left…


Swipe across the screen and you’ll be met by the red Move ring, which indicates how many calories you’ve burned during the day. In the centre of the screen is the total amount burned so far, with the goal in smaller text beneath. As you burn calories during the day the ring will slowly fill, changing color to purple as it progresses, until finally the ring will be complete. At any time you can swipe the screen upwards to see a detailed bar chart of your days calorie count. Apple Watch monitors your daily calorie usage, and will suggest new goals every seven days, keeping you fit and healthy as the year progresses.


The next panel within the Activity app shows how many minutes of activity you’ve undertaken each day. Apple Watch is constantly monitoring your movement, so any activity that counts as an exercise will be automatically added to your daily goal of 30 minutes. For a more detailed look at your exercise stats, swipe the screen upwards.


To encourage movement during the day Apple Watch will credit you whenever you stand up after a period of rest, and if you’ve been sitting for an hour then Apple Watch will remind you to stand up. The blue Stand ring will complete when you’ve stood up for one minute in 12 different hours. To see which hours you’ve logged with movement, simply swipe the screen upwards to see a bar chart of each hour.

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