Featuring a polished stainless steel case and a sapphire crystal screen, the Apple Watch oozes quality and timelessness.

It’s the signature Apple Watch; a device that’s instantly recognizable on the wrist of anyone who wears it, and it comes in two colors: stainless steel and space black stainless steel. With two sizes and 18 combinations of straps, there’s a style and fit to suit everyone and their needs.

Apple Watch is designed to be worn and used all day long, and to accomplish this feat, Apple used 316L stainless steel. This material is 40% harder than regular stainless steel, so it’s less susceptible to nicks and scratches. To give the space black Apple Watch its color, Apple added an additional diamond-like carbon (DLC) layer to the steel to give it a distinctive look.

The sapphire crystal used for the Apple Watch display is the second hardest transparent material after diamond, which makes it perfect for using on a device that’s strapped to your wrist and susceptible to everyday wear and tear. It also makes the Retina display underneath look spectacular, with vivid colors and a pin-sharp rendering. To harvest the crystal, Apple used a very thin diamond-cutting wire; after which it was precision-machined into its shape before being polished for many hours to give it a sparkling look.


With Apple Watch you have 18 combinations of case and strap to choose from, so there’s a style to fit every taste and need. Here’s a run-down of each strap type…

Apple Watch with Sport Band:

Flexible, comfortable and resistant to heat and chemicals, the Sport Band is the band of choice for those with an active lifestyle.

Apple Watch with Classic Buckle:

Supplied by the ECCO tannery in the Netherlands, this Dutch leather strap is milled to create a subtle and distinctive texture. It’s closure is simple and effortless to use, and is made from stainless steel.

Apple Watch with Milanese Loop:

Wrapping fluidly around your wrist, the Milanese Loop is made from a custom alloy that’s been thermally treated to make it durable and corrosion resistant. Its mesh is woven on specialized Italian machines while each link is individually laser-weeded to ensure smooth edges feel comfortable against the skin. Finally, magnetic stainless steel is used to ensure the watch fits perfectly on any wrist size.

Apple Watch with Modern Buckle:

Produced by a French tannery that was first established in 1803, the Modern Buckle is made from Granada leather that’s comfortable on the skin and soft to the touch. The outer side is milled and tumbled to create a refined texture, while an inner layer of Vectran weave ensures strength is maintained and that the strap is stretch resistant. Its buckle is a two-piece magnetic closure that’s easy to use, and the strap comes in pink, brown and midnight blue colors.

Apple Watch with Steel Link Bracelet:

It takes nine hours to cut the 100 components that make up the Link Bracelet, with each being crafted from 316K stainless steel. Look carefully and you’ll notice that the links subtly increase in width towards the case, ensuring the bracelet is comfortable and sturdy on the wrist, while several links include a simple release button so you can add and remove them for a snug fit. The Steel Link Bracelet comes in both steel and space black colors.

Apple Watch with Leather Loop:

Hand-crafted in Arzignano, Italy, the tannery behind the Leather Loop has a heritage spanning five generations. This strap is milled and tumbled to create a pebbled texture that’s simply beautiful to look at. Magnets hidden within the strap ensure it’s easy to fit on any wrist size, and the loop is available in stone, light brown and bright blue colors.

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