The gold standard in watches.

Traditional watches are often used as fashion accessories, rather than timekeeping devices. The sheer number of jewelry-encrusted time pieces is proof to that, as are the selection of materials, designs and prices that accompany them. The Apple Watch Edition fits perfectly into this crowd, with a case made entirely of 18-carat gold that has been developed to be twice as hard as regular gold, making it more resistant to nicks and scratches. There are two shades of gold to choose from: 18-carat yellow gold and 18-carat rose gold, each with its own set of straps that feature hints of the same gold material.

That’s not all, because the display is made from sapphire glass, which is the second hardest transparent material after diamond. This makes it incredibly resistant to everyday wear and tear, and keeps the Retina display underneath looking pin-sharp and beautiful. To finish off the overall look, the Apple Watch Edition’s Digital Crown is inlaid in either real leather or the Sport Band to suit your taste.


The Apple Watch Edition has three strap options: the Modern Buckle, the Classic Buckle and the Sports Band. Each is comfortable to wear and made from the finest materials that complement the solid 18-carat gold watch.

Modern Buckle:

The top layer of the Modern Buckle is created by a single tannery in France, and is made from supple Granada top-grain leather. Underneath it’s reinforced by a layer of Vectran that’s woven from a liquid crystal polymer. Its buckle is a two-piece magnetic closure that’s easy to use, and it’s made of the same 18-carat gold as the case.

Classic Buckle:

Created using Dutch leather from the ECCO tannery in the Netherlands, the Classic Buckle has a subtle and distinctive texture that feels comfortable on the skin. It’s closure is made from the same 18-carat gold as the watch itself, and is simple and effortless to use.

Sports Band:

Resistant to heat and harsh chemicals, the Sports Band is the strap of choice for this with an active lifestyle. To complete the look, the Apple Watch Edition version has an 18-carat gold buckle.

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